Few Tips To Get More Free Instagram Followers On Your Account

So, you are planning to get Instagram followers without spending much? Then the first step will be to learn growing the Instagram account organically. The real manner you can profit from the Instagram account is by growing organic followers. Organic followers are the real people, who find the Instagram channel through shares, feeds, and search engines. They are highly interested in the content type, that you publish on the channel. Now the question is what do you need to do to grow the Instagram account organically? The answer is that this process involves the combination of purchasing hits to the Instagram channel and then promoting it. Here are some of the effective ways to grow the account organically and to get more free Instagram followers.

  • Schedule the posts: Instagram feeds tend to fill up      quickly, mainly if the users follow people of different genres. This is      why it is necessary to post the content at the popular times of the day      when your target users are most active. Instagram uses analytics tools,      which allow you to see the times of the day when people mostly visit your      posts. It helps to decide the right times to schedule future posts.

  • Consistently run contests: Contests are one of the best ways to      make your Instagram channel more popular. It will help you to create some      buzz around the channel so that people decide to follow it. The contest      can be anything like a discount or a promotional giveaway on your services      and products. Besides, as part of your contest, you can also offer to      promote the services or products of someone else for free. All you have to      do is to promote the contest to as many people as you can, including on      your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Ask your connections to share the post      with their connections so that the word of your contest spread to more      people. So, think creatively and enjoy.

  • Connect with other influencers: These days, an increasing number of      Instagram influencers are available in different niches. And one of the      most effective methods of growing organic traffic and increasing      organic Instagram followers is to connect with other      influencers in a similar niche. Usually, the influencers of similar niches      follow each other on Instagram and comment on the posts. But you can even      ask them to pay to promote their services or products on your channel.      Here the main goal is to offer your followers direct exposure to their      content. In turn, their followers will start following your page.

  • Response to the comments: Organic traffic is all about staying      engaged with the content as long as you can. You can make this happen by      getting engaged with the traffic. Whenever you find comments posted on      your videos or photographs, respond to the comments positively. It will      make your followers feel that you are a real identity, who cares about      their opinions. So, it will help you to increase the engagement time on      the posts in the future.

  • Hire freelancers to create meaningful      content: If      you have little knowledge in technology, videography, or photography, then      you must hire freelancers to create meaningful content for your account.      Besides, you need someone, who is well aware of different angling,      lighting, and capturing the best shots so that you can upload professional      photographs and videography to your channel.

  • Post consistently: Last but not least, always keep the      account active and alive. So, keep posting content to the channel every      week. This way, your target customers will never lose track of your      channel. On the contrary, your posts will be active in the searches and      feeds of Instagram.